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Bringing Inspiring Leaders to Inspiring Cities


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Along our journey, we learned that the most inspirational stories aren’t in conference centers, but in the streets of Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta etc. We became obsessed with shining a light on people lifting up their communities from within. As we followed our passion, the makeup of our community spread beyond just tech entrepreneurs to spoken-word artists in Baltimore, legendary barbershop owners in Detroit, and social justice reformers in New York. Today, we're a national crew from all different geographies, professions, socio-economic backgrounds, but are bound by a common belief that things get better through our work together. Along with attending our events, watching our films and shopping our friends swag, we ask that you if you believe in our mission of championing change-makers, become a member and contribute monthly.


CHI — 18


This Year


We're headed to Chicago. If invited, you'll join dope humans from 20+ cities who straddle all walks of life who you will soon call family for an event that combines basketball tournaments between Chicago PD and community leaders, discussions with the leaders of the Obama Foundation on the impact they are fostering on the South Side, morning dance parties on the L Train, hidden dinners, barbershop "shoptalk," immersive theatre in the cities most historically relevant sites, an amazing race with some of the cities most inspiring students, and powerful inflections with the activists on the front lines tackling gun violence and the healing of trauma all in one weekend.


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