Another thing to add, without the Miami Breakout community, my transition from NYC would be much harder....and I know Cecile feels the same.  Miami is awesome but can be superficial on a surface level.  The monthly Breakfast breakfasts get the wheels turning & creative juices flowing.....we always say we feel like the least smart in room & always make a new friend when we attend.

Being a part of creative conversation w/ peeps like Izzy, Della, Rosario, Chris Adamo, etc have kept that NY stimulation / hustle alive for me....and Cecile as well.  Without being a part of that community, I think we both would have missed NYC a lot more but now feel like have the best of both worlds.

Another great example I thought of how you're making impact....

I live in Miami and had no clue Little Miami Farmhouse existed ....went and did a tour with Gabi and connected her with a contact of mine who is a 65 year old big animal philanthropist (Yolanda Berkowitz) in Miami who Gabi had been excited to connect with as she throws lots of events & raises a TON of money for those causes.  I was lucky enough to fly on her private plane recently to NYC ;)  Long story short, wouldn't have known about the farm and Gabi is now in touch with Yolanda and making big moves for the farm (they are kindred spirits) so it's a win win for all.

Keep up the amazing work & look forward to clinking a glass to having your company featured on Bloomberg which is a huge accomplishment :)

- Annie Evans. Glamsquad

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