Join the movement.

As we built events all over the country we realized there were entrepreneurs and xyz who were doing things to help their cities.  Many overcame huge adversity and have no fall back plan.  We ask if you care about supporting champion in our cities that help join the movement that shines a light on the people and projects etc every month we will fund, support and amplify the stories of individuals. As part of this movement we will all decide on how funding is given out.  In the future as this movement grows we will rekindle more local events and opportunities.  Please contribute what you are comfortable with  as everyone is in different places.

Being a Breaker

  • Tap into a community of first-rate impact seekers across the US

  • Receive insider communication from Team HQ

  • Get a first-look on all the films, stories and events we’re cooking up

  • Nominate people you admire as potential recipients for funding on our monthly IG challenges

  • Be a decision maker in who receives funding from our monthly #BreakerChallenge