Unique Positioning

Breakout is the only diverse community of grassroots change-makers across the US. Our reach extends beyond 25 cities and our experience is rooted in pure time, energy and thousands of hours of building trusting relationships with community leaders in barber shops to board rooms.

We’re now taking our expertise in representation, community-building, leadership and city-focused solutions and partnering with brands, institutions, foundations and advisory firms to bring our “on the ground know-how” from the streets to scale.

We know that there’s no one fits all solution so we engage select Breakers to partner with us on each project. Our mission is to champion change-makers and we can’t do it without them.

The last thing the world needs is one more set of “smart” consultants.

What the world needs more of are hyper-focused solutions.

We’re your bridge to get there.


Since 2014, Breakout has held 12 signature multi-day events in cities from Nashville, Chicago, Newark, and Tulsa. Over the last 5 years, we’ve focused on what’s unscalable and therefore, irreplaceable - a truly representative community of domestic leaders.

Breakers are equally diverse among gender, race,  profession, and socioeconomics. Our great unifier to our unique lens is mission and purpose. Each person who joins the Breakout community lifts up his/her community back home.

Beyond events and community-building, we’ve successfully expanded into original content and formed an innovative foundation. We’re seasoned in various mediums of impact and amplification.


We work with partners and align a unique team of expertise across the country and our community to think through break out solutions affecting neighborhoods, cities, and people across the USA