Are you a nonprofit or for profit?

We are intentionally for profit as we wanted to build something that was sustainable and successful on its value alone.  But just because we are a for profit does not mean we can’t act with the mindset of a nonprofit. Our primary mission is and has always been finding new ways to harness the power of our growing community in order to catalyze positive action.

How do you pick cities?

We look for legacy destinations that present certain opportunities. Namely, we target growing, changing places where our members can partake in the existing growth, and grow themselves by connecting to city leaders and having their preconceived notions debunked. City selection is an intuitive, collaborative process with our members and brands.

How do you pick invitees?

All through referrals and recommendations.  

We started with a group of leaders in tech, media, fashion, finance, real estate, family office, and art and grew organically grew from there. We take the time to get to know each invitee before extending an invitation.

How do I get involved?

(reach out to us)

1. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay in the loop.

2. Join as a Breaker and become a supporting member.

3. Volunteer as a writer or event ambassador

How much does it cost?

Our supporting members (AKA Breakers) who have access to our app and events pay approx. $500

Tickets to our national events cost approx. $1-1,850 which includes hotel rooms, meals, activities, content, nightlife etc

Our Sponsors & Corporate Partners help with everything else.