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Bringing Inspiring Leaders to Inspiring Cities

You move us forward.


The Breakout movement.


When Breakout started in 2014, we were an events company. Along our journey, we learned that the most inspirational stories aren’t in conference centers, but in the streets of Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, and Atlanta. We became obsessed with shining a light on people lifting up their communities from within. As we followed our passion, the makeup of Breakers spread beyond tech entrepreneurs to spoken-word artists in Baltimore, legendary barbershop owners in Detroit, and social justice reformers in New York. Today, we're a national crew from all different geographies, professions, socio-economic backgrounds, but are bound by a common belief that things get better when you give a shit.


We don’t want boundaries or your bank accounts to prevent you from becoming a Breaker. Our member program is about being a stakeholder in our mission of championing change-makers. Every month we’re going to have a themed monthly contest around a different issue on Instagram. We’re giving $1,000 (and growing) each month to a worthy impact leader that Breakers nominate and serve as key decision-makers on who receives funding.


At $5 or $15 per month, you belong to a national crew of change-makers, receive info on upcoming events, become a voter in our monthly Instagram challenges, and swag coming your way. The only difference between the two levels is how generous you're feeling. In order to maintain Breakout's uniqueness, we need the Breaker's to support each other. $5 covers you and $15 covers you and also opens the door for two other Breakers to officially be part of the crew. If you believe in our mission, we want you with us.