Breakout was inspired by and born in the spring of 2014 in New York City by Michael Farber and Graham Cohen. They set out to bring together the cities top under 40 business leaders to generate new ideas, new partnerships, and friendships. What started as casual gatherings in Michael's Soho apartment quickly morphed into 100 founders boarding a plane together for a 48 hour whirlwind trip to Miami. The goal was to 'breakout' people out of their typical routines and comfort zones, and put them in a place to grow, inspire, and build together ...

New friendships were seeded, investments were made, and new businesses were even created.  But something was missing.... and a new idea started growing.

What if instead of just taking this accomplished group of leaders to resort type settings, what if they went to growth cities? Environment's where "Breakers" could use their minds and learn from local leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs who were innovating and working to solve civic issues.  And what if during these conversations, there was a way to use the groups network, experience and access to capital to be helpful?

Over the next two years, the model of 'Impact Eventing' was born and now each year the team selects new cities to Breakout to.

Breakout brings entrepreneurs, influencers, and innovators from all regions of the country to emerging cities for immersive and experiential retreats, introducing them to the places and the people who are making a positive difference.