All new Breakers will be given the first 3 months free to the Breakout community as part of this ticket. Your contribution grants you access to our private app, local events and national retreats. After 3 months, we ask that Breakers contribute $250 every year if they'd like to continue on.This is what funds all that we do, as well as a portion of our foundation.

Support can be stopped at any time before a cycle begins.

After registration, please make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming information.

Remember to book your flights.

Our program runs from noon on Fri - noon on Sun. 

If you'd like to extend your trip we'd be happy to work with the hotel on your behalf.  

For those who join us earlier in the day on Fri or later on Sun, we'll have optional activities.


Share a room with one new friend and get ready to take on an exciting weekend together.  You'll have two queen beds.