Breakout was born in New York City in the spring of 2014. Michael Farber and Graham Cohen gathered the city's top young business leaders to generate new ideas, new partnerships, and new friendships. What started as casual gatherings in Michael's Soho apartment quickly morphed into the first Breakout weekend  100 entrepreneurs spontaneously flew out of NYC for a whirlwind weekend in Miami. The goal was to "break" these talented individuals out of their typical routines and comfort zones, to put them in a special environment where they could grow, inspire, and build together.

New friendships were seeded, new investments were made, and new businesses were created.  But something was missing...

What if instead of vacationing to resort type settings, this elite group of creators were challenged to explore the inner workings of developing growth cities? Environments where these "Breakers" could both impact and be impacted by local leaders, grassroots organizations, and social entrepreneurs?  And what if there was a way to use Breakers' network and capital to be helpful?

Breakout's model of 'Impact Eventing' was created to answer these questions. It is an experiment in cross pollination and cultural exchange. Can the minds of our carefully curated network of highly successful innovators be changed by cities like Detroit and Baltimore? Can the cities be changed by us? We think absolutely yes.

TL;DR Breakout brings entrepreneurs, influencers, and innovators from all regions of the country to emerging cities for immersive and experiential retreats, introducing them to the places and the people who are making a positive difference.


April 8-10th, 2016


June 10-12th, 2016

"I'm starting to attract the exact type of people I want around me: creative minds with amazing commitment to their dreams"

Breakers fuel our growth and are included in our weekly and semi weekly get togethers in NYC, LA, SF, DET and DC.